Monday, October 20, 2003

A site is born...The Mutualist Manifesto

We come to a crossroads forced upon me by the (self-imposed) need to write another book.

I want this 'steal this brand' site to focus on the radical and the personal, becoming less and less accessible and if it ever was.

This 'stb' site will be dedicated to my role as a citizen and a demanding stakeholder in the world. It may occasionally conflict with my entries as a businessperson here:

However, the much larger, constructive and structured side of my personality will migrate here...

"The Mutualist Manifesto"

Here I will be co-writing my next book with John Moore, establishing a set of guidelines for constructive stakeholder engagement in an age of mutualism...and collaboratively writing our book in real time, as a learning exercise with our it an experiment in mutualism!

PS. Just a few book references there at present as I wade through my library. But keep checking in as I build out the chapter heads, mutualist case studies...and chapter drafts

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